Technology reaches into nearly every aspect of our working lives today. From our mobile phones to secure computer networks, cyber security is paramount to keeping businesses running safely. We have a number of technical professionals from different disciplines that can assist organizations in designing and maintaining secure networks and establishing working policies and procedures to ensure staff understand how to work safely. We can manage IT projects and implement complex technical solutions, such as 802.1x, intrusion detection systems, secure WiFi networks, IP based CCTV systems, and more. If you would like to find out more about our capabilities in this sector, schedule a call with us and we will see what we can do for you.

Hiring smart for sensitive and executive positions has never been more important. Proper vetting and aptitude assessment helps to ensure that an effective organizational culture is maintained and internal conflicts are minimized.  Too often, perspective candidates conceal past issues, exaggerate experience and other qualifications to obtain employment.  This can prove costly to an organization.
We provide full background investigations of job candidates as well as other matters that require investigation or analysis.  These issues can range from intelligence gathering on potential legal matters to  competitor analysis.
DUE DILIGENCE is vital when any of the following events are initiated:
•Internal Investigations
•Mergers or acquisitions
•Contract negotiations
•Establishing business relationships
•Civil litigation
•Criminal defense
•Vetting potential executive level employees or agents
•On going due diligence investigations are necessary to insure internal processes are being followed and current procedures are actually working.
•Periodic assessments of organizational leadership are necessary to verify employees are successful  and achieving organizational goals.
•This serves as an early warning system for a variety of problems.  This gives an opportunity to provide additional training or put the right people in the right places.
•On going due diligence is also imperative to established business relationships and for long term employees/agents.  Serious issues can develop and if left undetected can pose a serious risk to an organization.
•Damage can result from civil liability, criminal conduct or merely terrible public relations.

Solutions engineers are network engineers who provide solutions to a variety of problems that occur with software or hardware. When customers have a task that they want to accomplish and their network technology is not sufficient, the solutions engineer comes up with solutions that are sold to the customer. This is of critical important as it relates to cyber security and that ever-present data breach threat facing businesses of all sizes.

Our solutions engineers will work across multiple customer-facing teams to improve the product’s vision and to make global businesses and organizations successful. You are a technical solutions expert, helping Googlers and customers approach and resolve technology problems and design scaling type services.


Intertwined with remediation efforts, comes the need for an effective vulnerability assessment. Following that, a management program whose sole purpose is to identify and eradicate weaknesses in a security network or logistics chain. We then create the appropriate barricade to further security attacks or vulnerabilities and also to adopt a strategy to immediately remedy such security issues before extensive damage is realized.  Graylyn Strategic’s analytics provides this essential framework for your business.



Remediation is unfortunately an integral part of any business’s effective security strategy.  To achieve a viable remediation, a business must have a continuous and ever-adapting series of processes designed to identify and remedy security vulnerabilities in all contexts.  Sometimes, this is referred to as vulnerability management.  At Graylyn Strategic, our expert staff are armed with the resources to out your business on the offensive.

Target Hardening involves both physical security and architectural/design concepts to thwart criminal activity. Much debate exists regarding target hardening in the work place. Some feel it can create anxiety for employees and damage morale; thus, negatively impacting an organization’s performance.

Regardless, when it comes to both internal and external threats failure to address the issues can result in everything from violence in the workplace to theft of assets and proprietary data. Graylyn Strategic can assess the risks and provide a plan that is the best fit for an organization by using years of law enforcement, military and legal experience.

Along those same lines, events ranging from natural disasters to fires and other infrastructure failures can leave an unprepared organization in total chaos. Proper contingency planning before something goes wrong is the difference between business continuing and potentially having to cease operations. Graylyn Strategic draws upon employees with extensive emergency preparedness training from FEMA and other governmental agencies to come up with a plan to mitigate the effects of any type of catastrophe.


General business or corporate compliance requires a comprehensive program designed to ensure your business is operating in perfect synchrony with applicable state and federal laws and related regulations as they relate to overall operation or management.   Your Graylyn Strategic partners will work with your business or compliance officer to ensure that there is a complete compliance program in effect.  To that end, Graylyn Strategic can do the following:

  • Creating appropriate internal oversight
  • Revamp existing policies or adopt new policies regarding compliance in all contexts and business conduct standards
  • Ensure enforcement and discipline through training and education, monitoring and internal communication


Occasionally, circumstances arise such as unintentional deaths, serious injury or criminal conduct by employees that can have serious consequences to an organization. These matters can be a public relations nightmare.
We can act quickly to minimize liability by providing critical analysis and a corresponding plan of action.  We also are highly experienced in media/public relations and can provide guidance as needed.
With your business, it is an understated imperative that you work to identify, evaluate and then address certain risk factors to include economic, workplace accidents, data breaches, corporate espionage, legal issues and a host of other environmental risks affecting today’s corporate environment.  Graylyn Strategic will serve as your go-to consultant for effective risk management where our experienced staff will help develop a strategy to mitigate such risks and/also to formulate a plan to prevent unnecessary  risks where such forecasts are possible.
Graylyn Strategic has been on the forefront of handling mismanagement of social media for our business partners.  We will work with your business to develop and implement a working social media management plan for purposes of educating your employees of the risks associated with unfettered social media access for business purposes, how to handle a social media crisis as it is occurring, planning in advance of any social media crisis, and also what to do once such a crisis begins.

Graylyn Strategics’ IT pros will provide the essential foundation for identifying and mitigating a data breach at your business in order to ward off future attacks or limit the potential for damage to your bottom line.  We will conduct a detailed survey of your current system and work to identity issues that need to be addressed and/or provide suggestions for the implementation of a new system depending on your individualized needs.

Graylyn Strategic’s founders collective law enforcement and legal expertise comes complete with the necessary resources to provide professional and indiscreet event security and/or asset protection in today’s often competitive business environment.  Depending on your needs, we will establish a command center in a nondescript location for purposes of identifying any employee activity deemed negligible or criminal in nature (think unauthorized access to corporate information/illicit distribution of such information).   Historically, we have worked with corporate security experts, former state and federal law enforcement, and military experts to provide the necessary security for your business no matter the context.  Asset protection and event security is in our wheelhouse.

Graylyn Strategic’s ability to assist your business with asset recovery or tracing solutions is second to none.  Our intelligence expertise have allowed our staff to efficiently locate and recover assets in a variety of environments domestically and internationally.

Aligned with the necessary asset recovery needs of every business is the concept of tracing that often involves locating individuals or assets.  Graylyn Strategic is a leader in tracing for businesses across the spectrum.

At Graylyn Strategic, we provide the necessary guidance and solid solutions on all matters relating to criminal misconduct.  With vast experience dealing in these matters, we routinely liaison with state, local or federal authorities when appropriate.   These efforts prove successful in mitigating potential loss or warding off future incidents.  Activities such as embezzlement, internal/external theft and threatened or actual acts of violence in the workplace can be costly to an organization and ultimately lead to failure.

Every business should have a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan in effect and distributed to all management personnel. At Graylyn Strategic, our founders have worked for years in developing such plans in a government and corporate context.   Accordingly, our staff will meet with your business leaders and create an individualized plan for your business where you will learn how to identify and implement a strategic emergency response in any context.  Moreover, our experts will provide a training and exercise series of programs to ensure your plan is as effective as it is readily available for immediate responsive measures.

Our founders and staff have worked in numerous security based roles throughout their careers. Our staff have experience in policing, prisons, government weapons facilities, commercial building security, and more. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the firm and can offer practically any organization actionable input to improve security operations.

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